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I wanna come too by HamtaroDramaClass I wanna come too :iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 4 3 Rina The Cabbit (with shading) by HamtaroDramaClass Rina The Cabbit (with shading) :iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 3 0 Elfen Lied Lucy Cosplay by HamtaroDramaClass Elfen Lied Lucy Cosplay :iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 1 2 Warp Star Failure by HamtaroDramaClass Warp Star Failure :iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 5 1
Elfen Mew Chapter 3 (incomplete)
It was raining outside as the thunder crashed and the lightning lit the sky. Ash sat by Rina the whole night while the rest of the group watched the rain hit the window and the lightning light up the sky. "Rina..." Ash said quietly. "I just wonder who that guy was..." Ash said as he had a flashback of the professor again trying to steal Rina. "Who was that guy? and why would he want you?" Ash asked himself as Rina heard. She closed her eyes as she felt the other one go to sleep inside her. Ash looked at her as he saw Rina had fallen asleep. "There's gotta be a way to bring that fever down. I don't wanna get Rina caught again, not after what happened today." Ash said to himself. S finally stood up. "I'm sick of staring at this rain!" she said as she walked away from the group and went around in the Keade house. "I just wonder.." S said as she sneaked around to Rina's room.She slowly opened the sliding door seeing Ash staring off into space as Rina slept. "Ash? are you ok?" she asked as
:iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 1 0
Yuki's New Arms (short story)
It had not been long since Yuki was in the hospital, after jumping off a 30 story building to try and end her pain and suffering only ended up with Raven giving some of her blood to help Yuki. But Yuki had not only regained back her health, she thought Trigon had stripped her of her powers and her ability to walk, but Yuki had gained new power, like none other. It was later that day Yuki was being released, it was best for her not to walk to much as the Titans brought her back to the tower. The only thing Yuki muttered in her mind was, what's that, what is this i'm feeling, some strange power, I can feel it in me." Yuki said to herself as she sat on the couch looking sedated, the Titans looked a bit concerned as Yuki was slowly waking up on her own.  "It feels like something is changing inside me." Yuki thought to herself as she envisioned her hands covering her face as she felt four invisible long arms with claws reach out of her back. Raven looked at Yuki as in real life Yuki le
:iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 1 0
Nuzzle by HamtaroDramaClass Nuzzle :iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 2 0 Tickles by HamtaroDramaClass Tickles :iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 5 0 Meow by HamtaroDramaClass Meow :iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 2 0
Mizuki bio
Name: Hazuki
Prounounciation: HA-ZOO-KI
Adult Age: unown
Child Age: 8
Gender: Female
Species: human
Birthdate: uknown
Time of birth: ???
Ethnicity: unown
Language(s): English,
Native Language: none
Education: grade 3
Weapons/Offensive equipment: none
Items/Defensive equipment/Misc: none
Transportation: none
Blood type: b
Child Height: 80 cm (2'7")
Adult Height: 110 cm (3 ft 1 in)
Child Weight (44 lbs)
Adult Weight: (108 lb)
Eye Color: brown
Hair: light brown
Skin colour: pale
Shoe size: 5-6
Figure/build: small build
Distinguishing marks: none
-Tattoo(s): None
-Scars: none
-Piercings: None
-Clothing style: overalls, small dresses
-Living Arrangements: Vanilla's home (temporary)
Hobbies: sewing, playing with others
Talents/Skills: protecting others, sewing, playing around, gardening
Strengths: none
Weaknesses: fighting, sadness
Love interest(s): none
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Intrested in: no one at the moment but friends
Diet: unown
Allergies: none
:iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 1 0
Mature content
Yuki and Akira (Short Story) :iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 1 0
Rushi by HamtaroDramaClass Rushi :iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 0 0 Rina's Fever Elfen Mew Chapter 2 cover by HamtaroDramaClass Rina's Fever Elfen Mew Chapter 2 cover :iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 1 0
Mature content
Elfen Mew Chapter 2 :iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 1 0
I'm so cute by HamtaroDramaClass I'm so cute :iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 3 0
Mature content
Yuki's Suicide, Trigon's new appearence (short) :iconhamtarodramaclass:HamtaroDramaClass 0 0

Random Favourites

Ginga Styled GSD TEMPLATE by KasaraWolf Ginga Styled GSD TEMPLATE :iconkasarawolf:KasaraWolf 219 37 Happy Dog Template by KasaraWolf Happy Dog Template :iconkasarawolf:KasaraWolf 154 10 Standing Lioness Template by KasaraWolf Standing Lioness Template :iconkasarawolf:KasaraWolf 213 15 Standing Red Panda Template by KasaraWolf Standing Red Panda Template :iconkasarawolf:KasaraWolf 172 11 Standing Cat Template by KasaraWolf Standing Cat Template :iconkasarawolf:KasaraWolf 469 86 BFF brohoof by Sweirde BFF brohoof :iconsweirde:Sweirde 12 13 HxB doll by macaustar HxB doll :iconmacaustar:macaustar 14 12 Sonic Couple Meme by CocoaSnowflakes Sonic Couple Meme :iconcocoasnowflakes:CocoaSnowflakes 9 12 Novocaine by BrokenDelirium Novocaine :iconbrokendelirium:BrokenDelirium 2 3 Sheep After Dentist by PatchworkSheep Sheep After Dentist :iconpatchworksheep:PatchworkSheep 10 19 MLP FIM Collab' by T-babe MLP FIM Collab' :icont-babe:T-babe 2,343 226 Now we can be TOGETHER by betlysquirrely Now we can be TOGETHER :iconbetlysquirrely:betlysquirrely 1 2 Behind the Brentalfloss Comic by TomPreston Behind the Brentalfloss Comic :icontompreston:TomPreston 1,162 166 TLK Base 34 by SixNewAdventures TLK Base 34 :iconsixnewadventures:SixNewAdventures 202 82 Angry German Kid by NadavHalevi Angry German Kid :iconnadavhalevi:NadavHalevi 141 70 RUN KEVIN RUN by Kuro-Pawed RUN KEVIN RUN :iconkuro-pawed:Kuro-Pawed 1 0


i have pretty muched moved accounts i am now on my new account :iconrinabnyu: and this account will be gone, i just wanna start over so go watch that account before this account is gone! :)
  • Listening to: Once Upon a Dream
  • Reading: Higurashi manga
  • Watching: Spongebob
  • Playing: Donkey Kong 64
  • Eating: subway
  • Drinking: sprite

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